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Manuel Matuzović

Manuel is a front-end developer from Austria who’s specialized in HTML, CSS, accessibility and front-end performance. He likes to write about these topics and talk at meetups and conferences. He's also organizer of the webclerks and CodePen meetup in Vienna.


Inspired by a talk by Laura Carvajal, Manuel Matuzović performed an experiment and didn't use a mouse or trackpad for two weeks. He wanted to improve his understanding of how it is to use a computer and especially the web only with the keyboard.

He has documented all sites he has visited and the good and bad practices he came across. This talk illustrates the most common issues he encountered and possible ways to fix them. You'll learn why it's important to make websites keyboard accessible and who benefits from it. On top of that, Manuel will share his favorite keyboard shortcuts and some other handy tips and tricks with you.

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Доступность (Accessibility - a11y)
CSS фреймворки

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