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Мы очень рады видеть докладчика такого калибра, как Стефани Уолтер, на нашей конференции. Стефани уже преуспела в дизайне доступных продуктов и в этот раз углубится в создание адаптивных компонентов.

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Stéphanie Walter

Designing Adaptive Components (beyond responsive breakpoints) (En)


I'm often asked "320px? 768px? 1024px? What breakpoints do you recommend for responsive design". Trust me, if there was a magic number, we would all use it by now! But designers still work around the concept of "screen (or browser) size". How about we start thinking about "context of use" instead, to build more flexible components?
I will show you how I design systems of components that go beyond screen size and can also be used in different layout and container contexts. I also try to make sure that my components work beyond the perfect “happy path perfect situation”: what happens with super long text, missing images/content for example? And how about adapting components to user needs across specific points in their journey?

I will address, among other things, the concepts of content model, content priority, information architecture and user journeys to help you design adaptive components. Your developers will thank you!

Generic topic for this talk would be: design systems, responsive, components, user experience. It's a talk mostly about design but I have a small part where I talk about CSS flexbox, grid and one slide on JavaScript.

Let me know about your different tracks and maybe I can help define in which track is works the most?



Stéphanie Walter

A great design is where users needs meet business strategy. I seek to understand both to design human-centred inclusive and accessible products.

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