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Kathleen McMahon



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Кейтлин МакМэхон — известная fullstack-разработчица с бэкграундом дизайнера, поэтому особенно ценным и многогранным представляется для нас её опыт и экспертиза в доступности и дизайн-системах.

Accessibility-flavored React components make your design system delicious! (En)


Design Systems are a popular way to bake your product. An often-missing ingredient, however, is accessible UI components. In this talk, you’ll learn the recipe for a delectably inclusive design system by mixing accessibility flavor into some commonly-used React components including icons, buttons, inputs, and dropdown widgets. You’ll also learn how to spice up your design system’s documentation with approachable, accessibility best-practices guidance including interactive examples, and component dos and don’ts. Even if you’ve never seen React before, join me to learn how to make your design system delicious.

Презентации и видео

Kathleen McMahon


Kathleen is a Principal UI/UX Engineer at CarGurus, and her deep industry experience as both a designer and developer fuels her passion for making apps beautifully accessible. In her spare time, she is the Creative Director for the CXsisters network, and the best lanterne rouge cyclocrosser you’ll ever meet.

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